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Frank Hettick

Frank Hettick grew up in the farming country of coastal Oregon in the 1950's and he spent his youth reading and drawing with colored pencils and colored inks.  He soon discovered "Conquest of Space" by Chesley Bonestell, the book that would eventually inspire so many other young artists.  He was indeed inspired and studied everything he could about aviation, rockets and space travel.  He took art classes in high school, where he continued to grow into the craft.


These days Frank resides in the high-desert country of central Oregon where he maintains his own gallery and private studio.  Sky-High Gallery contains 4,000 square feet of art and collectibles spanning many years and many different interests.  And of course, though the tools have changed over the years, he still continues to paint his space art pieces in a way that many viewers believe his pieces to be fine photographs of space travel and other worlds – but his subjects are places where no man has yet visited!


Frank Hettick is a master of highly-detailed and life-like “space art” or as he calls it – ‘Out-of-This-World Art’ and his fascination with astronomy and space travel is reflected in his membership in the International Association of Astronomical Artists, the National Space Society, The Mars Society, and The Planetary Society.


He placed First in the 2004 Mars Society international art competition.  In 2005 he was awarded First Place in the joint Planetary Society-European Space Agency (ESA) International Art Competition to depict the Cassini-Huygen space probe landing on Titan, a moon of Saturn.


His unique photo-realistic space art can be experienced in person in art galleries and at his personal Sky-High Gallery and Studio in Crooked River Ranch, Oregon.


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