Federation of Galaxy Explorers Schedule for Third Class Galaxy Explorers (Third  Grade)
Program Engineering Rocketry Space Citizenship Earth Science Space Science
Months   September October November December January February March April May June
Content Module What is the Content? An Introduction to basic Engineering Concepts Space Suits An introduction to Rockets as a science Aerodynamics An introduction to `Space' as an Idea , an overall concept. Space Art.  Space as a visual medium through pictures etc. An introduction to Earth Science. Basic Earth Forces Inner Earth Space Basics Astronomy Intro.  The stars in other cultures 
Concept Module What will the Mission Teams  learn about? What is Engineering in terms of the Space Program? What types of space suits are their? And how do they work? (basic principles) A basic overview of Rockets.  What are Rockets? What part do they play in the ongoing inquiry and exploration of Space? What is aerodynamics? How do things fly? What is pitch, yaw, roll.  Demonstrate the principles of flight.   What does the Space Program encompass as a larger idea? How can we visualize space related concepts/ideas What is Earth Science? How does our World work? Why do we need to understand the forces on our Planet? What are the benefits of understanding for space? The composition of the Earth.  How those forces interact with each other over time and the resultant impact on the planet. What is the Space environment? What are the dangers?  How do we survive in space?  Constellation stories
Activity Module How will Mission Teams Take Action? Design and build Space Program related concepts Design conceptual Space Suits Formulate relative and engaging inquiry around Rockets as an integral part of exploration. Construct and test gliders.  Note effects of wing design and changes. Put together a news paper that describes the space program and why we should go to space.  Mission Team members write articles and illustrations. Draw or paint designs and imaginative pictures/visuals, banners. Build a biosphere.  Show NASA Globe film on Earth as a system   Make an Astrolabe.  Learn how to find objects in space Build a planetsphere.  Draw constellations on black paper shine a light to make constellations on wall
Program Field Trips/Special Projects Museums/guest speakers/presentations   Museums/guest speakers/presentations Visit to a local airport         Visit a planetarium Star Party