Federation of Galaxy Explorers Schedule for Second Class Galaxy Explorers (Sixth Grade)
Program Engineering Rocketry Space Citizenship Earth Science Space Science
Months   September October November December January February March April May June
Content Module What is the Content? Space Colonies Solar Power Mechanical Laws of Flight Rocket Payload integration History of the manned Space flight Program Commercial Space: An overview Meteorology Remote Sensing Living with the Sun Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence
Concept Module What will the Mission Teams  learn about? How is a Space Colony constructed? Structures and habitats: shielding, food, logistics, production, in-situ survival strategies. Solar Power use on the International Space Station How do we apply Newton's Laws to rockets? What kinds of payloads do rockets carry?  What effect does the payload have on the rocket? How is it integrated? The history of the cold war space race Understand the business of commercial satellites and their role in society: remote sensing, tele-communications, PNT, How do we forecast the weather? What are some of the more complicated tools we use? What is an anemometer? A rain gauge? What is meteorology? What is Remote Sensing? How do we use it to sense and monitor the environment? More complicated use and understanding of satellite technology. What is the Sun?  What is its effect on earth?  Life in the Universe?  How about our galaxy? How do we contact?
Activity Module How will Mission Teams Take Action? Develop a plan for a space colony.  Design and build a basic Space Colony of human habitation (house hold items). Build a solar cooker Investigation and research project.  Build a Hero Engine or a rocket car. Transportation Part 1 Balloons on a string exercise. How many paperclips can each balloon lift?  Why? A study of the history of NASA, and an in-depth study of the goals of the Space Program. Review Space business publications. Prepare and display media (poster board) of space businesses. Build a forecaster kit.  Build a kit to determine air speed. Design a remote sensing program for specific areas of the Earth. Build a Solar clock. Build a solar projector. How could we communicate with aliens? Draw pictures of what aliens might look like?  Why? What their homes be like.
Program Field Trips/Special Projects         Read a true space history book         SETI at Home Software program