Program Engineering Rocketry Space Citizenship Earth Science Space Science
Months   September October November December January February March April May June
Content Module What is the Content? More complicated Robotic Principles, cyborgs, and unmanned vehicles Computer Modeling and Simulation Rocket Fuel Rocket Staging Fundamentals The Space Program as portrayed in the Media and popular culture. To Boldly Go.  The Philosophy of Space Exploration Rocks and Minerals A basic understanding of the Global Positioning System (GPS) Forces of the universe Once Upon a Big Bang
Concept Module What will the Mission Teams  learn about? How are robots used to explore space?  How can they enhance human efforts? What factors influence design?  What promise does future technology hold? How do we use engineering concepts to design working practical applications for Space work? What types of fuel do we use with rocket propulsion? What is the difference in use and application? What are the dangers in usage? An understanding of rocket stages and how greater altitudes can be reached by using staging. Scientific and Space endevours as portrayed in the Media.  A look at how society sees space,  and science fiction. Investigation into why humanity seeks to explore space. Review of history.  What is our place in the universe?  An understanding of how rocks and minerals are formed. What are the processes involved? What are the different types of rock formations?  How does the study of rocks help us to understand the Earth itself? What is this system and how does it work? How is this system used to improve lives?  How can this system be used to improve our awareness of our planet? Strong and weak nuclear Electro mag. gravity, dark energy The evolution and future of the universe.
Activity Module How will Mission Teams Take Action? Build a more complicated Robot with utilitarian purposes in Space. Design conceptual, working model with overlaying engineering principles Rocket fuel demonstration Balloon staging activity or rocket launch `Image Project' Try another sci fi book Group discussion on reason behind need to explore. Classification activities Hands-on identification activities Navigation and GPS navigation exercise Illustrate gravity and electromagnetic (magnet and iron filings) Create Banner or time line (written, computer, etc.) illustrating evolution of universe
Program Field Trips/Special Projects Robotics Competition           Collecting and cataloging rocks and minerals GPS Field Trip?