Federation of Galaxy Explorers Schedule for Second Class Galaxy Explorers (Eighth Grade)
Program Engineering Rocketry Space Citizenship Earth Science Space Science
Months   September October November December January February March April May June
Content Module What is the Content? Radio Communications Remote Sensing Advanced Model Rocketry Altitude Tracking To Boldly Go.  The Philosophy of Space Exploration Foreign Space Agencies Global Warming Imagery Analysis Learn to Observe I Star formation - the life and death of a star.  Types of stars
Concept Module What will the Mission Teams  learn about? How does the Space Program use Communication systems?  What impact does time delay have? Wave propagation. what are sensors, and how do we use them to explore Space? Build advanced model rocketry.  Apply rocket staging and scientific experiment. What is altitude tracking? Why is it important? Mathematical concepts Investigation into why humanity seeks to explore space. Review of history.  What is our place in the universe?  A study of the history of ESA and Russian Space Agency, their role in expanding humanity's knowledge of the cosmos What is Global Warming? What factors are involved? Is the Earth in danger? What is temperature inversion? How can we take care of the Earth?  An introduction to Imaging. How do we use images from EarthKam (or space and aircraft) to give us detailed analysis of the Earth? Planetary Observational techniques, scientific notation, UT, etc. Life cycle of a star. How stars form and die. The types of stars and characteristics
Activity Module How will Mission Teams Take Action? Design and build a radio Interactive simulations and demonstrations Design, build, and fly an advanced two stage working rocket. - Rocketry safety standards. Build altitude tracker Group discussion on reason behind need to explore. Research, report and presentation Understand Global Warming with terrarium and jars Use images to conduct first order imagery analysis Discuss observational techniques. Experiment to show factors that alter atmosphere Describe the life cycle of a star.  ID star types by spectral classes  
Program Field Trips/Special Projects     Test/launch. Post flight analysis. Track altitudes from advanced model rocketry calss         Star Party Take spectral signatures via web site software