Moon Base Video Game

Moon Base One Video and Screenshots available at bottom!

The year is 2030. You stand atop the jagged mountains of the south side of the moon. Early in the 21st century, humanity came to the moon as the first step to extend it's presence across the solar system. You can see the solar winds blowing across the barren landscape.  The quest to find extraterrestrial life has always been a driving force behind humankind's expansion into the solar system.  But for you it was the call of the unknown, the adventure of exploring and colonizing space.   Then again, you aren't above making your fist full of dollars along the way.  The moon possessed untold riches for someone who didn't mind a little hard work.  Helium Three, the key to clean fusion power, was abundant in the hostile environment of the moon.  The more you mine, the richer you become.  Possibilities are endless, just like the gold rush of the old west, but unlike then the world is depending on you.  Earth is in desperate need of the near limitless clean energy for the entire planet. The hopes of billions of people rested with this precious element. So, too, did the fears of millions.

The development of limitless clean energy threatens nations all over the world. It threatens the empires, money, and power of those who produce fossil fuels. There are many powerful people, organizations, and countries who would love to see Moon Base One fail, and if you or any of your co-workers happen to get hurt along the way, well, none of them would be too torn up about it.  Little wonder that there have been an  increasing number of equipment failures and other so-called strange happenings around the base. There is no evidence of the claim of sabotage, but no one really believes they are accidents. Still, inhabitants are warned to check everything and to be on the look out for "substandard equipment".  Yeah, right. 

This place is buried beneath five meters of lunar regolith and soil. The lunar soil is an effective means of protecting you from the intense radiation emanating from space and the nearby sun, but it does little to help you sleep at night in this tomb with tons of rock over your head and a saboteur on the loose.  Luckily, Moon Base One has a short supply chain to Earth and orbiting space stations. Arrival of supply vehicles is a normal part on base operations, so there is always a way out if it gets too hairy. With your help Moon Base One can begin producing Helium Three in ample quantities to meet Earth's power needs.  Moon Base One also supports nearby mining operations and fuel production for rockets bound for the Red Planet.  The only link between Earth and Mars, but also the weakest link, if you don't do something.

MoonBaseOne is a educational video game, but don't let that fool you.  There is some serious play action going on.   Mining robots, explosions, fixing sabotages before they kill you all, hey, even, rover races with your buddies when the boss isn't looking are all part of the wonderful world of MoonBaseOne, and this is only the beginning.  The current version of the game, that is still being developed as we speak, gives you a taste of what is to come.  Wanna play?  You can download it for free, right now at your friendly neighborhood  This first version allows you to compete in two adventures aimed at mining the lunar regolith to find minerals, build mining robots, and meet some really cool characters.  Yeah, but if your not real careful you might learn something.  Question is:

Are you game?

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