Federation board members include individuals that support space exploration and development, are experienced in educating children, have specific business acumen, and are publicly known and respected.

  • Mr. Nicholas Eftimiades - Founder, Chairman
  • Dr. Marshall Kaplan, CEO Launchspace, Vice Chairman
  • Mr. Paul Behrends, Partner, Crowell & Moring LLP
  • Mr. Paul Graziani, CEO Analytical Graphics, Inc.
  • Mr. Stephen S. Oswald, VP Boeing Manned Space flight, former astronaut
  • Ms. Catherine Steele, VP, The Aerospace Corporation
  • Dr. Patrick J. Ford, Space Studies Outreach Coord., American Military University
  • Organizational Staff

  • Ms. Marcia Fiamengo - Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Don Faxon - Director of Educational Programs
  • Mr. Ivan Galysh - Direcotr of CANSAT | Aerospace Program
  • Ms. Stephanie Edwartoski - Galaxy Ball Chair, Finances and Accounting
  • Mrs. Katrina Marsh Sarlin - Galaxy Ball Silent Auctions

  • Dr. Buzz Aldrin - Apollo 11 astronaut, President ShareSpace
  • Dr. Louis Friedman - Co-founder, The Planetary Society
  • Mr. Hal Hagemeier - P.E.
  • Sen. Mark S. Kirk - Member of Congress
  • Mr. David Logsdon - Director, Space Enterprise Council
  • Dr. John Logsdon - Director, George Washington University, Space Policy Institute
  • Maj Gen Howard "Mitch" Mitchell - USAF, (Ret.)
  • Mr. Bill Nye "The Science Guy" - Executive Director, The Planetary Society
  • Mr. Lon Rains - Director, Communications NGC
  • Mr. Pat Rawlings - Space Artist and Animator
  • Mr. Tim Roberston - Youth Coordinator, Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers
  • Hon. Dana Rohrabacher - Member of Congress
  • Mr. Jeff "Skunk" Baxter - Musician (Steely Dan, Doobie Bros)
  • Dr. Kathy Sullivan - first woman to walk in space, President & CEO, COSI
  • Hon. Dave Weldon, MD - Member of Congress (Retired)

What we do

The Federation of Galaxy Explorers is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that seeks to inspire youth in the fields of science and engineering. Students in the Galaxy Explorers program attend after school "Mission Team" meetings where they participate in hands-on lessons that support The National Science Education Standards. Mission Team members are rewarded for participation and achievements with ribbons, patches, medals, and certificates.

Galaxy Explorer lessons target five primary themes:

Why we do it

To educate our kids: Math and science, like vegetables and homework, are often avoided by children. The mysteries of outer space, however, remain amazing. The Galaxy Explorers program prepares children for employment in the 21st century by building on exciting hands-on applications of math and science.

To advance interest in space: Over time, Galaxy Explorers will grow to create a long term citizen activist force in society; helping to shape the national space policy. Their advances in science and engineering will continue to build the foundation of a space faring civilization.

The Way Forward

In 2002, Galaxy Explorers pilot programs began at pilot schools in Colorado, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia, where we conducted a summer space camp for 150 children. In eight years we hosted 12,000 children in 35 summer camps, after school, and evening programs. We hosted an additional 18,000 children in Special Events. Mission Teams now exist in Pennsylvania, Montana, Texas, California, Missouri, and North Carolina. The Galaxy Explorer educational program continues to grow, inspiring the scientists, engineers, and explorers of tomorrow. The next step is creating a Mission Team in your school. Sign up Now!

Our partners

The partners listed below support Galaxy Explorers with technical expertise, financial support, in-kind resource contributions, sponsoring schools, or employee work hours. If your company would like to partner with FOGE, drop us a line: