Galaxy Explorers we need your artistic talents and imagination! You are invited to enter our Missions to Mars Art Contest.


In August, Mars, our planetary neighbor, came closer to Earth than it has been in nearly 60,000 years! Mars has been spectacularly visible in our night sky for several months. NASA has embarked on a bold mission to search our celestial neighbor for evidence for life, either in the distant past, recent times or now. Missions to Mars are just gaining momentum and the findings of the latest space probes are quite revealing. Current and future missions offer the potential for significant new discoveries.


Information about these missions can be found at the following websites:


Mars Global Surveyor;




Mars Odyssey;




Mars Express Orbiter;




Mars Exploration Rover Spacecraft, Spirit and Opportunity





In January, two of the most recent Mars probe missions will land on Mars. Help us celebrate these events. Put your creative caps on. Get out your crayons and paints. Use your imagination.





         Entries are due to FOGE Hdqs. by December 15, 2003

(1)    some portion of Mars;

(2)    at least one of the NASA missions headed to Mars or currently at Mars.


All entries become the property of NASA and might not be returned. NASA reserves the right to reproduce the winning entries in any medium for any use with no compensation to the artist.




All winners will be announced after December 31, 2003. Those who provide e-mail addresses will be sent a one-time e-mail telling them of the results of the contest. The winners will also be announced on the Galaxy Explorers web site and NASA at http://www.gsfc.nasa.gov/.




Art will be judged by NASA employees/volunteers and associated art professionals. Artwork will be judged on creativity, knowledge of Mars and the Mars missions, and artistic merit.


Awards will be presented to winners at each grade level along with Mars exploration supplies. The winning artwork will be displayed at the NASA Goddard Visitor Center, and on the Goddard web site.


We are looking forward to your participation.

For more information, contact: Mr. Phil Smith (301) 347-3419; psmith@www.foge.org.