Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Prady began his work in entertainment in 1992 at Jim Henson Productions (then Henson Associates, Inc.). This followed a brief career as a computer programmer and partner in a computer software company.

  with Jim Henson, Prady wrote a wide variety of projects from episodes of the animated version of “Fraggle Rock” to MuppetVision 3-D, a theme park attraction directed by Henson and exhibited at several Disney theme parks. His final work with the Muppets was as one of the writers of The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson, a posthumous tribute to the late puppeteer for which he received an Emmy nomination.

  Following his work with Henson, Prady wrote for a number of television comedy and drama series. His first produced episode of series television was an episode of “Married... With Children” in 1991; his first staff writing job was on the HBO series “Dream On” in 1995. In 1997 he joined the writing staff of “Dharma & Greg,” rising to Executive Producer and taking over as “show runner” (industry slang for the job that combines head writer and Executive Producer) in 2001.

  In 2007, Prady co-created the CBS series “The Big Bang Theory” with television veteran Chuck Lorre. He currently serves, along with Mr. Lorre, as Executive Producer and show runner of that series.

  In addition to the Emmy nomination for the Jim Henson special, Prady has received two Writers’ Guild awards, a CableAce award and three People’s Choice awards for his work as both a writer and producer (most recently for “The Big Bang Theory”). “The Big Bang Theory” was also named the Television Critics Association’s Outstanding Comedy of 2009 and one of the American Film Institute’s Top Ten Television Programs of 2009. Prady has also been nominated for two additional Writers’ Guild awards and two Golden Globes.

  In 2003, Prady was a candidate for the office of Governor of the state of California, an act of nonsense that he insists everyone take seriously.

  Prady is a graduate of the Cranbrook School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and attended Wayne State University in Detroit. He is married to Kirith Prady (née Bernstein). The Pradys have two children: Stella, born in 1999 and Asher, born in 2006.