Space Career Day
27 April 2006

Are you interested in a career in the space program? The Federation of Galaxy Explorers is sponsoring a space career day! Come talk to people involved in creating the future in space and find out what can be in your future. This program is designed for educators, high school and college students.There is no cost to participate in this event. It cost nothing to attend. Galaxy Explorers has assumed all the costs for the facility, light fare, and beverages for all vendors and participants.

Where:  Pier Five Hotel, located on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

When: April 27th, 2006, 9:30am - 3:30 pm.

Registration for this event is a must. For more informaiton and a registration form please e-mail: ; or call 1 (877) 761-1266 Special Events.

What organizations will be there:

Northrop Grumman
The Boeing Company
Analytical Graphics Inc. (Sponsor)
Futron Corp. (Sponsor)
SGT Inc.
Federal Aviation Administration, Commercial Space Transportation
Naval Research Labs Center for Space Technology
Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Lab
Swales Aerospace
Unites States Naval Observatory. (Sponsor)
NASA, Hubble Space Telescope, GSFC
NASA, Space Exploration
Aerospace Corporation
Mitre Corporation