Option #1: Make a contribution using a justgive.org account.

Option #2: Make a contribution using your credit/debit card or an existing Paypal account.

Please direct phone pledges to 877.761.1266

We accept mail donations at the address below.

Federation of Galaxy Explorers
6404 Ivy Lane, Suite 810
Greenbelt, MD 20770

A great way to have a positive impact in the Federation of Galaxy Explorers is by making an In-Kind donation. In most cases, these donations are tax deductible. The following is a list of In-Kind needs, although we're always open for other suggestions!

  • LCD screens for instruction and briefings
  • Laptops for instruction and briefings
  • Office space - Colorado Springs, Maryland, Virginia
  • Model rockets - all kinds (Special thanks to Pratt Hobbies and all that have donated!)
  • Telescopes in Colorado, Maryland, Virginia (multiple - all types)
  • Televisions and VCRs for instruction
  • DVD player
  • Copy machine
  • Laminating Machine
  • Digital cameras for Colorado, Maryland, Virginia

Please contact the Federation at 610.981.8511 or email info@www.foge.org to arrange for In-Kind contributions.