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Volunteer for Galaxy Explorers
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to volunteer for Galaxy Explorers.  As a Galaxy Explorer  volunteer your efforts will build the nation, enrich the lives of children, and expand the frontiers of science and technology to explore and develop space.  Galaxy Explorer volunteers are truly special people and serve a cause that benefits all humanity: They help children make their lives extraordinary.

Volunteers can help in a number of ways including marketing, logistics, recruiting, administration and more. If you have a couple of hours per month you can change the future of the planet.  

There are two basic categories of Galaxy Explorer volunteers:

Mission Team Leaders.

1.  Galaxy Explorers meet in Mission Teams.  The Mission Teams are administratively controlled by a Sector.  Mission Team Leaders will lead Explorers in monthly meetings from September through June, and on occasional field trips. Adults present the easy to understand material and fun-to-do projects.  The educational program can be presented by any adult with minimal preparation.  Explorer members attending monthly team meetings wear uniforms (shirts) displaying medals, ribbons, and patches.

Galaxy Explorers expects to provide training to all volunteer Mission Team Leaders.  Our future web site will provide complete lesson plans and work materials.  In addition, Galaxy Explorers will provide guidance to Mission Team Leaders through e-mails and  Sector leaders.  The Galaxy Explorers organization is working to develop and provide instructional videos to assist Sector and Mission Team Leaders.  The goal is to distribute these instructional videos by hard copy, through local television stations, and internet.     

2.  Adults can volunteer to perform administrative and management functions at the Sector level.  Galaxy Explorers needs assistance in forming and administering Sectors and Mission Teams, marketing, and communicating with partner organizations.  

Please remember we are expanding our list of active and potential volunteers.  If you think you may be interested in joining our team we'll keep you informed of the organization's progress.  

Volunteer for Galaxy Explorers

Art work courtesy of Phil Smith