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Donate to Galaxy Explorers

Help shape the future and donate to the Federation of Galaxy Explorers.  Donations are tax deductable and can be made several ways:
1. Your donation can be made On-line

2. Pledges can be made by contacting Galaxy Explorers at 1 877 761-1266.

3. Donations can be sent to the following address

Federation of  Galaxy Explorers
11707 Lovejoy Street
Silver Spring, MD 20902

3. In-Kind Gifts Needed To Make The Federation of Galaxy Explorers Even Better
A great way to have a positive impact in the Federation of Galaxy Explorers is by making an In-Kind donation.  In most cases, these donations are tax deductible, you can target your In-Kind donation towards your favorite location for the program, and you can see the immediate impact of your gift.  Following is a list of some of the Federation's In-Kind needs:

(3) LCD for instruction and briefings
Laptop for instruction and briefings in Colorado
Laptop for instruction and briefings  in Virginia
Laptop for instruction and briefings in Washington, D.C. area
Office space - Colorado Springs, Metro Maryland. Northern Vriginia
Model rockets - all kinds - Thanks to Pratt Hobbies and all that have donated!
Telescopes in Colorado, Virginia, and Maryland (multiple - all types)
Televisions and VCRs for instruction
Global Positioning System units for instruction - Thanks to Thales Navigation
DVD Player
Copy machine  
Laminating Machine
Digital cameras for Colorado, Virginia, and Maryland (6)
Scanners for Maryland, Colorado, and Virginia (3)
White board (3' x 10')
Laser Pointer $19.95 (1)
Desk Chairs (2)

Please contact the Federation at 1 (877) 761-1266 or info@www.foge.org to arrange for In-Kind contributions.