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Space Science

Space......the final frontier.   Yes, this is what it's all about.   

              M 27  Dumbbell nebula                      M13 Hercules nebula                            M 29 nebula

As a Galaxy Explorer you will learn all about space.  You'll be part of a team, specially trained to take on the challenge of exploring and working in space.  You'll discover:

- the solar system
- the constellations
- planets and stars
- nebulas and much, much, more!!

                   Art work courtesy of Phil Smith
 Galaxy Explorers learn by doing, not watching.  And you won't just sit and listen--You and your Galaxy Explorers Mission Team will go out into the field, using telescopes, binoculars, and computers.  You'll learn about the wonders of the universe and to keep records of  your adventures in scientific notation.

When you're done you'll be a little tired but proud of what you have learned and accomplished.   You'll show that pride when you wear the Galaxy Explorers Space Science Officer medal.