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Space Citizenship
Galaxy Explorers is so much more than learning about science and engineering.  Each one of us has an important role in exploring and developing space.  Galaxy Explorers is for you whether you aspire to be an executive, artist, writer, chef or anything else.  

In Space Citizenship you and your Mission Team will learn how our work in space has changed life on Earth.  Galaxy Explorers Mission Teams learn:

- The history of space flight and exploration
- Business ventures in space
- Space in art and writing
- Space and the good citizen

Like all Galaxy Explorers, you'll learn by doing.  You and your Mission Team will develop business plans, and you'll try your hand at writing about space.  You'll also get a first hand look at how our democratic system of government works by communicating with public officials about space issues.

The Galaxy Explorers Space Citizenship Officer is prepared to lead the world in becoming a space faring civilization.