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CURRICULUM Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11
PROGRAM MODULES/STRUCTURE   Program     Program     Program  
Content Module What is the Content ? An introduction to `Space' as an Idea , an overall concept. Space Writing Space Art.  Space as a visual medium through pictures etc. History of the manned Space flight Program The Space Program as portrayed in the Media and popular culture. To Boldly Go.  The Philosophy of Space Exploration The roles of Government and its relationship to space Emerging markets: Our future in space Mentored Study Project
Concept Module What will Explorers learn about? What does the Space Program encompass as a larger idea? How do we experience space expressed in  writing? fiction, non fiction, poetry, etc. How can we visualize space related concepts/ideas The history of the cold war space race Scientific and Space endevours as portrayed in the Media.  A look at how society sees space,  and science fiction. Investigation into why humanity seeks to explore space. Review of history.  What is our place in the universe?  The structure and role of government.   A citizen's role in the democratic process The business of space. Potential markets remote sensing, mining,  commo, energy, tourism Mentored Study Project
Activity Module How will Explorers Take Action? Put together a news paper that describes the space program and why we should go to space.  Mission Team members write articles and illustrations. Writing of imaginative Space related stories, poems.  Read a sci-fi book. Draw or paint designs and imaginative pictures/visuals, banners. A study of the history of NASA, and an in-depth study of the goals of the Space Program. Read a true space book `Image Project' Try another sci fi book Group discussion on reason behind need to explore. Discussion and debate/research and present.  Contact elected or govt officials research project and group development of a business plan Mentored Study Project
Program Field Trips/Special Projects           Movie night Space or Sci Fi movie   Visit Govt. or Space Business
Content Module What is the Content ? International Cooperation Space Program related benefits Great Space Luminaries Commercial Space: An overview Careers in Space Foreign Space Agencies Space and Media Communications Space Law Mentored Study Project
Concept Module What will Galaxy Explorers learn about? How have different countries worked together in Space related projects. How does the Space Program benefit everyone here on Earth? What are specific  space related benefits of technology, and of going into space? A look at the biographies of the great leaders in space.  How did they impact the world? Understand the business of commercial satellites and their role in society: remote sensing, tele-communications, PNT, An overview of the Space industry and insight into the types of careers available A study of the history of ESA and Russian Space Agency, their role in expanding humanity's knowledge of the cosmos How can  a Galaxy Explorer communicate ideas and vision of the Space Program, Galaxy Galaxy Explorers to a wider audience, school, the local community? A review of the laws on space,  International treaties, agreements, and current thinking on the use of space Mentored Study Project
Activity Module How will Galaxy Explorers Take Action? An investigation into the I.S.S, and other cooperative projects. An investigation into beneficial Space activities, spin-off technologies Group Discussion Review Space business publications. Prepare and display media (poster board) of space businesses. Online activity - research jobs and design your perfect job! Research, report and presentation Research Project,  Present, and demonstrate use of media (web site, newsletter, etc) to convey message Explain the principles of space law and concept of "peaceful use of space" International Moon base Negotiations exercise Mentored Study Project
Program Field Trips/Special Projects Guest speakers/presentations       Visit Media Center    
Each Galaxy Explorer Level has Six Basic overall Program Modules(that include the content, concept, & activity mini-modules) which lead and feed into the Mission Modules.