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Federation of Galaxy Explorers Summer Camp Material Requirements

Material requirements for Federation of Galaxy Explorers summer camp

Each Galaxy Explorer must bring a notebook and folder for handouts.  Alternatively, one can bring a three ring binder.

Rocketry - Aeronautics

Styrofoam food tray, about 28 cm X 23 cm (Size 12)
Paper clip
Ball point pen
Plastic knife
Emery boards or sandpaper
Cardboard (for patterns)

Rocketry - Principles of Rocket Flight
Empty soda can with opener lever still attached
marker pen
Paper towels
Plastic film canister

Space Science -  Learn to Observe
Paper to draw on
Several pencils

Space Science - Living with a Star
Ball point pen
Colored pencils, markers, or crayons

Earth Science - Mapping
Tennis ball

Earth Science - Remote Sensing

Engineering - Intrenational Space Station (ISS)
We'll be making a space station here so use your imagination.  You can use
PVC pipe connectors (if you have them not necessary)
2 liter soda drink bottles
cardboard tubes (the hard kind are best)
Paper Plates (firm ones)
soda straws
aluminum foil
other materials (to fit inside bottles like potted plant seeds, miniture models, etc)

Engineering - Robotics
Something to use as a blindfold
Shoe box (or other containers of that size)
Baseball or tennis ball

Engineering - Solar Power
4 paper cups (unwaxed)
white paper
Aluminum foil
black pepper
a sheet of plastic wrap
a couple of sheets of newspaper
an apple
thermometers (optional)

Space Business/Communications - Space Tourism
Drawing paper
Crayons or markers

Space Art
1/2 inch flat paint brush for wall mural

History of Space Flight
Build a satellite
Cardboard Tubes
plastic scissors
Aluminum Foil
Colored Paper
Paper Plates (firm ones)
Variety of other materials for decoration