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Online Training Center

Orientation Slide Show (large file - best seen in wide bandwith)

Organizational and Procedural Documents  (in pdf)

FOGE Volunteer Safety and Conduct Standards
Includes child safety, sexual harassment policy, transportation policy, conduct standards for adults and mission team members

Mission Team Leader Primer
The first actions required to start a Mission Team.

Basic Mission Team Leader
An FOGE requirement.  
The Basic Course for new Mission Team Leaders.  Includes lesson learned from FOGE pilot programs.  

FOGE Guide Stars (principles)
The fundamental principles of the Galaxy Explorers organization.

Leadership for Galaxy Explorers(coming soon)

The Federation of Galaxy Explorers Handbook (coming soon)

Mission Team Annual Schedule Sheets  An absolute essential for all adults working with children in the Galaxy Explorers program.  These activity sheets provide Mission Team's annual plan by grade level.

How to Start a Galaxy Explorers Summer Camp   The Federation's summer camp program is active in several states.  Click here if you want to learn the basics of having this program brought to your area.

Building Collaboration (2.3M) Working towards the future should always be a win-win proposition.  How to build collaboration between all members of the Galaxy Explorers family, and with partnership organizations.  

Conducting Outreach for Galaxy Explorers This is the first of several courses that address the issue of conducting outreach activities on behalf of the Federation of Galaxy Explorers.  This first course is designed for the Galaxy Explorers volunteer to use in briefing business leaders.  The course specifically addresses the questions of why and how senior business leaders should support the organization.  Business leaders should already beaware of the basic functions of the Federation.

National Association of Rocketry Safety Standards

Word Processing, Spread Sheets, Graphics Presentations
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