04 February 2006

Join us for the Galaxy Explorers Space Career Day. On April 27th Galaxy Explorers will host a Space Career day at the Pier 5 Hotel on Baltimore's Inner Harbor. More info will be posted shortly.

22 January 2006

Galaxy Explorers gathered at the National Air and Space Museum for a fantastic voyage. Astronaut Carl Walz led us an exciting adventure of discovery. Check out the pictures here!Check them out and relive the experience all over again!

09 December 2005

2006 Traveling Space Art Exhibit! FOGE has developed a space art exhibit for our member schools and Mission Partner organizations. The exhibit will travel to member organizations begining in January 2006. To order, check out our Federation Events Calendar for available dates, then send a request for your desired week to

17 November 2005

Check out our new on-line library! Mission Team Leaders can order DVDs, VHS tapes, and CDs at no cost.
29 August 2005

We've added a new feature to our web site. The Message Board on the left side of this screen will answer all your questions!
21 August 2005

We're getting ready for another exciting school year in the Federation. Tired on sitting on the sidelines? Ready to make a real difference? Join us in September for Volunteer Management Meetings where you will learn how to start a program and all the volunteer jobs available. If you have just two or more hours per month, we can use you. Check "Federation Events" on the left side of this screen for times and locations.
14 July 2005

Check out these Mission Team Patch designs from the Moon Base Summer Camp at Liberty Middle School. Check them out and relive the experience all over again!

14 July 2005

Check out these Press Releases from the Liberty Middle Camp. Look for your favorite!

March 01 2005

Time again to sign up for FOGE Summer Camps. This year we'll be hosting camps in VA, MD, and PA. Join us for the adventure of a lifetime!
April 21 2005

FOGE will host "Have breakfast with an Astronaut" at Washington Mill Elementary School, Alexandria, VA. Mission Team members and their families will sit down for brekfast with astronaut Dr. Roger Crouch and hear about working and living in space.
Jan/Feb 2005

FOGE will host "Have breakfast with an Astronaut" at Marshall Elementary School, Manasas, VA. Mission Team members and their families will sit down for breakfast with former astronaut and Shuttle Commander Steve Oswald and hear about working and living in space.
14 Jan 2005

FOGE will host a Saturn Party at Washington Mill Elementary School, Alexandria, VA. on 14 January at 5:30pm. Mission Team members will learn about Saturn, Cassini mission, and enjoy food, activities, and prizes.
6 Nov 2004

Looking for an exciting Saturday night? Don't forget to join us on Saturday at 7:00pm for a Star Party at Washington Mill Elementary School, Alexandria VA.
1 Nov 2004

We've got pics... now do you want to see videos? We've got two slick Real Media videos clips over on the Summer Camp page. Kids, please ask your parents' permission to install Real Player on your computers before viewing!
14 Oct 2004

More picture goodness! Check out the Summer Camp page for GSFC pics!
10 Oct 2004

Interested in volunteering for FOGE? The Federation seeks space enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds to spend a few hours a month teaching kids. Opportunities also exist in the areas of curriculum development, administration, fundraising, event planning, and public relations. Check it out!
[VolunteerMatch - Get out. Do good.]
12 Sep 2004

Welcome to a new year with the Federation! We're growing again! This year we add Mission Teams in CA, MO, NC, NV, and NM. So don't miss out, find a Mission Team near you. Or let us know that you are interested and we'll start a Mission Team near you!

4 Sep 2004

More pics from the Liberty Middle Camp are up. Can you believe that there are over 200 pics? Download them and show them off to your friends today. Check them out and relive the experience all over again!

19 Aug 2004

Pics and patches from the Goddard Space Flight Center camp and the Liberty Middle School camp are up! Check them out and relive the experience all over again!

26 July 2004

Moon Base One has landed! Want to know what the Galaxy Explorers have been up to? Check out the press releases from Liberty Middle School!

20 June 2004

INTRODUCING... The "SPACESHIP GAIA EXPLORER Cosmic Ecology Journal for Earth & Space," a new journal about creating a Spacefaring Humanity while preserving Home World Earth. Check it out here!

8 June 2004

SAVE THIS DATE! On June 13th, 2004, The Federation will host an end-of-year picnic from 1-4:30pm at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Visitor's Center in Greenbelt Maryland. Come join us for food, fun, prizes, and a few rocket launches. Some Galaxy Explorers from Pennsylvania will come down for the event so we plan to party RAIN or SHINE!

Also, Telescopic Observing.... on Saturday, June 19, 8:30-11pm (weather permitting) at Sky Meadows State Park. Join NASM staff astronomer Sean O'Brien for telescopic observing under the star-filled skies. Sky Meadows State Park, near Paris, VA, is west of Washington, D.C. on US Route 17 North, one mile south of US Route 50, or 7 miles north of I-66, Exit 23. Park information, (540) 592-3556. Parking is $4 per car.

6 May 2004

Introducing more new rocketry events later this month:

May 15 2004: At Great Meadow, The Plains, VA. Two high schools will be having a cansat rocket launch. The students built satellites in a soda can and will be launching them and collecting telemetry as the satellite return to earth under parachute. Launches will begin at 10 AM. Check out the NOVAAR website http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/8561/ for directions and launch status. It will be weather dependent. Quick directions are take I-66 west to exit 31. Turn left and go about a mile or two. Great Meadow is on the left. Turn into gate 1 and turn left on the gravel road and then right. Park with all the other cars. You can launch rockets at the field also.

May 22, 2004: Team America Rocket Competition. This is a big event at Great Meadow. 100 teams from around the country will gather to compete for big prizes. CEOs and the head of NASA along with other big guests will be attending. The team whose rocket reaches closest to the designated altitude and recovers their payload of two eggs intact will be the winner. Go west on I-66 and take exit 31. Follow the signs for the competition.

7 May 2004

On May 3, 2004, The Federation testified before the President's Commission on the Moon, Mars and Beyond. Commissioners thanked Galaxy Explorers for all that we have done to build public support for a new age of space exploration.

5 May 2004

Sorry for the dealy, but the Liberty Middle School summer camp registration form is now up on the Summer Camps page. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

28 April 2004

Attention future Galaxy Explorers in and around the Kernersville, North Carolina area! FOGE is coming to you soon with the help of Stuart Matthews. For more info on their first team meeting, please shoot Mr. Matthews a line at .

19 April 2004

Attention Galaxy Explorers in Colorado Springs! Registration forms for the 12-17 July Summer Camp at Audubon Elementary are now online! For more info, check the Summer Camp page.

17 April 2004

The Federation will soon end it's on-line auction. If you have any items to donate to the cause please don't hesitate to contact your local Mission Team, call 1 (877) 761-1266, or e-mail us at .

1 April 2004

Welcome to the newly re-vamped Federation of Galaxy Explorers' website at www.foge.org. We are planning big things for the Federation in the near future and all of it will be reported here! If you've got any questions or comments on the new site design, please don't hesitate to shoot a line over to to let our web team know.