Earth Science

We know more about one planet than any other in the galaxy. Can you guess which one it is?

Well, if you said Earth you are correct!

We know more about Earth than any other planet. We know about its atmosphere, minerals, oceans and soil. Yet many mysteries remain. Like what are all the causes of global warming? Exactly what is gravity? And what type of bacteria inhabit this planet along with us? Did you know that there are even bacteria that live miles underground and eat radioactive rocks? The more we discover about Earth the better we understand other planets and our own place in the universe.

Galaxy Explorers learn about the Earth through a hands-on approach. You and your Galaxy Explorers Mission Team will study and conduct experiments on soil, water and minerals. You'll learn to classify and take scientific notation.

So get ready to get outside and get dirty. Because the Earth Science Officer medal shows that you've got what it takes to preserve our planet for future generations.