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Welcome to the coolest idea since humans flew in space!

The Federation of Galaxy Explorers (FoGE) seeks to inspire and educate kids through the adventure of space. Using fun and educational materials and field trips, FoGE exposes kids to space-related sciences and engineering while encouraging teamwork, creativity, and a continued love of learning.

The program is centered around Mission Teams, which meet monthly and participate in occasional field trips. is incorporated in the state of Maryland as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

FoGE was launched with a pilot program in conjunction with the Rock Creek International School in Washington, DC, and Prince William County school district in Virginia. Our first summer camp was held in July 2002. Our first training program for parent volunteers was supported by the NASA Globe program and was held in July 2002. Additional training has been conducted throughout 2003.

The Federation of Galaxy Explorers Mission Teams will be forming throughout the country starting in 2002. We have discussions ongoing with school districts and organizations in PA, FL, NM, CA, and MD. Please feel free to suggest additional locations to begin programs.

Galaxy Explorers has established collaborative working relationships with numerous organizations and businesses. Expanding collaborative relationships and developing a volunteering base are ongoing actions.

Painting courtesy of Phil Smith

We have not yet identified any costs for members. During the first year of pilot program operations in a school, any costs to be incurred will be minimal (patches, medals, etc.).

This web site is intended to provide basic information on the Federation of Galaxy Explorers organization and its plans. Our future web site will be an on-line home for members and will include the following:

Communication between members
Ask the expert response (already here)
Educational program including lesson plans and support materials
Administrative and logistical support
Current news and events
Links to kids educational sites and partnership organizations

We hope that you will enjoy exploring our web site and become a member of the Federation's team. It costs nothing to join and a small investment of your time will have a great impact on the future of humanity.



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