Meet our Board Members

Galaxy Explorers Board Members include individuals that support space exploration and development, are experienced in educating children, have specific business acumen, are publicly known and respected.

Board of Directors

Mr. Nicholas EftimiadesFounder, Chairman of the Board

Marshall Kaplan, Ph.D., CEO, LaunchspaceVice Chairman of the Board

Mr. Phil Grazziani, CEO, Analytical Graphics Inc.

RDML Stephen S. Oswald, former astronaut

Mr. Jeffery H. Watson, President, Jeff Watson Co., former Deputy Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs

Mr. James B. Shelton, Colonel, USAF (ret.)

Mr. Paul Berkowitz, Senior Staff Member, U.S. Congress

Advisory Board

Honorable Dana Rohrabacher, Member of Congress, Chairman House Science Committee, Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics

Honorable Mark S. Kirk, Member of Congress

Hon. Mark S. Kirk, Member of Congress

Hon. Dave Weldon, MD, Member of Congress

Dr. Edwin Buzz Aldrin, former astronaut

Mr. Hal Hagemeier, P.E.

John S. Logsdon, Ph.D., Director, Space Policy Institute, George Washington University

Major General Howard "Mitch" Mitchell, USAF, Director of Operations, U.S. Air Force Space Command

Dr. Kathy Sullivan, first woman to walk in space, Pres & CEO, COSI

Mr. Tim Robertson, Youth Coordinator, Association of Lunar/Planetary Observers

Ms. Michelle Truly, Senior Manager, Boeing

Mr. Pat Rawlings, Space Artist and Animator

Mr. Richard Wiese, President, The Explorers Club

Ms. Anne Gariano, Master Teacher, Prince William County, VAChair, Education Committee

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