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Earth Science

We know more about one planet than any other in the galaxy.
Earth photographed during Apollo 11.
A rare site! Humans first set foot on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission. The crewmembers had the chance to photograph Earth rising over the Moon's horizon. [NASA]
Can you guess which one it is?

If you said Earth you are correct!

Earth is our home. We walk on its surface, breath its air, and drink its water. Yet, there is so much we have to learn about Earth: Why are some parts of Earth very wet while other parts are desert? What causes global warming? What is gravity?

The more we discover about Earth, the better we understand other planets and our own place in the universe. Did you know that there are even bacteria that live miles underground and eat radioactive rocks? Could bacteria like this live on other planets?

Galaxy Explorers learn about the Earth through hands-on projects. As part of a Mission Team, you will study and conduct experiments on soil, water, and minerals. You'll learn what it takes to conduct Earth scienceand become a scientist yourself.

So get ready to get outside and get dirty. Because the Earth Science Officer medal shows that you've got what it takes to preserve our planet for future generations.

Last updated 6/4/2003
Earth Science

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