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Space stations, spacecraft, robots . . . .

Ever wonder how these marvels are built? You'll find out in Galaxy Explorers. You'll see how engineering and space technology is changing how we live our lives. And then the fun begins.

As part of a Mission Team, you will explore advanced technologies and develop plans for Mars colonies, Moon bases, space cities, asteroid mining facilities, interplanetary and interstellar spacecraft, and much more. You'll test your knowledge against other Mission Teams in design competitions and robot challenges.

One day, maybe you will be the one to engineer microbes to change a planet's atmosphere, or a fusion powered space colony. It takes some work but when you become a Galaxy Explorers Engineering Officer your future is unlimited.

A drawing of the 2003 Mars Rover. The Mars Exploration Rover "Spirit," which launched onboard a Delta II rocket on June 10, 2003, was designed and built by a team of scientists and engineers. The small rover will collect soil samples, search for water, and take temperature readingsand perhaps find evidence that life once existed on Mars. It's an example of how robots can help us explore our universe. [Mars Exploration Rover Mission, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory]


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An engineer designed my suit!