Mission Teams

Mission Team Information:

  • The FOGE Mission Teams are enrichment programs.  Typically, they are a weekly or monthly after school program.  They are led by an industry leader or an enthusiastic parent volunteer and use our curriculum and programs.  The programs are designed to teach the five core science of the program and introduce the education in fun and interactive ways.

  • Mission Teams have a merit based pathway of learning.  Each lesson earns points toward completing a merit badge for the year.  Each completed year earns another badge and after three years of completion, the students will earn a cap.

  • Mission Teams provide fun filled learning and interactivity with professionals who work in the Science, Engineering or Mathematics career fields.

  • Mission Team incentives give ancillary opportunities for Star Parties, Skype with an Astronaut, Battle of the Rockets, free rocket launching, and much more.

  • Fee for Student Membership:  $35.00 per year for elementary, $50 per year for middle school and $200 per year for High School to cover a small portion of items used during the program.

  • If you would like to start your own local Mission Team, please contact: Info@www.foge.org.

Starting a Mission Team is simple:


Mission Team Leader Responsibilities are:




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