During this one week camp children conduct hands-on science projects and participate in team-building activities to learn the principles of establishing a permanent presence on the Moon.

  • prepare space foods
  • experience replica space suits
  • design and launch rockets
  • analyze real meteorites
  • create mock lunar landers.

2011 Moon Base One camps
Sign-up: (.doc | .pdf)

  • 06.20 - 06.24.11 - The Smithsonian (sign up)
  • 06.27 - 07.01.11 - The Smithsonian (sign up)
  • 07.11 - 07.15.11 - Waples Mill ES, Oakton, VA
  • 07.18 - 07.22.11 - Raytheon, Riverdale, MD
  • 07.25 - 07.29.11 - Sandy Springs Friends School, Olney, MD
  • 08.01 - 08.05.11 - Gesher Day School, Fairfax, VA

2011 Moon Base Two camps

  • 06.27 - 07.01.11 - The Smithsonian (sign up)
  • 07.05 - 07.08.11 - The Heights School, Potomac, MD
  • 08.08 - 08.12.11 - Waples Mill ES, Oakton, VA

  • Download Moon Base One the video game and begin exploring now!

Where: the National Air & Space Musem
When: August 8 - 12, 2011
Register: Ready to Rocket!

Students learn what it takes to explore other worlds by building a rocket, a lander, and a functioning rover that will be used to complete missions.

Topics Covered

  • Planetary rovers and landers
  • Systems engineering
  • Mission planning and operations
  • High power rocketry

Over 750 students, educators, and parents attended the Naval Research Laboratory co-sponsored Space Career Day on March 18, 2011, in Fairfax, Virginia. Many thanks to the forward thinking companies that sponsored the event!

  • Naval Research Lab
  • Raytheon
  • AGI
  • ATK Spacecraft Systems and Services
  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • The Boeing Company
  • NASA Headquarters
  • Lockheed Martin
  • AND a very big thank-you to our special guests: Mr. David E. Olson (Boeing), Author J.P. Behrens, and Mr. Earl Madison (Lockheed Martin)!

Where: Chantilly High School
When: Thursdays 7-9 pm
Who: Students from any school or home-school are welcome!

Students learn how to design and build high power rockets in two rocket competitions.

Team America Rocket Challenge: Students work in teams to design a competition rocket. They perform test flights at least once a month and complete a qualification flight by April. If the teams qualify they participate in the final competition in mid May.

Battle of The Rockets: Students work as a large team to compete in this complex event, combining rocketry and robotics with a space exploration theme. Students develop an autonomous robot that must survive launch and landing as well as perform a mission after landing. The Competition is held in early April. The competition is open to high schools and universities.

Where: D.C. Metro Area
When: TBD - this new event is being developed

A two-day educator experience designed to jump-start educator participation and leadership of Mission Teams. The workshop will provide insight into space education activities and curriculum, round-table discussion of program participation with experienced educators and volunteers, and guidance on seeking community support and partnerships. Educators will attend inspirational briefings from NASA, European Space Agency, and commercial spaceflight leaders on the current status of space exploration efforts.