Welcome to the Federation of Galaxy Explorers on-line store. Our intention is to supply people with fine products at well below market cost. The reason is simple; to advance learning about space related science and technology for all. PLEASE ALLOW FOR AT LEAST TWO WEEKS FOR SHIPPING AND HANDLING!

There are three ways of ordering official Federation of Galaxy Explorers products:

Catalog of Items

FOGE-001 - This cardboard and plastic telescope kit is a standard for Mission Team activities. Building this true refractor is a fantastic learning experience and is easily done without any glue. (Appearance may vary)

Sold only in bundles of five or more. $17.50 ($3.50 each)

FOGE-002 - The Galaxy 1 rocket kit. This beginners model rocket is the first used in FOGE Mission Teams. Feel the excitement as you launch it hundreds of feet into the sky with commercially available engines.


FOGE-003 - The Galaxy II rocket kit. This explorer class two stage model rocket puts Mission Teams over 1000 feet into the atmosphere.


FOGE-004 - The official Galaxy Explorers' Second Class uniform vest for kids in grades six, seven, and eight. These vests run large so don't order any larger than you need.


FOGE-005 - The official Galaxy Explorers' Third Class uniform vest for kids in grades three, four, and five. These vests run large so don't order any larger than you need.


FOGE-006/FOGE-007 - Show your pride with Galaxy Explorers tee shirts. Our new tee shirt product line offers a cool look at a very affordable price. Available in white or blue, adult or child note size and color when ordering.

(FOGE-006) Adult S,M,L,XL,XXL - $11.00

(FOGE-007) Child s,m,l,xl - $8.00

FOGE-010 - The official Galaxy Explorers' Instructor's Shirt.


FOGE-008 - The Official Federation of Galaxy Explorers patch! This item is provided free with the standard uniform vest purchase. It is also available here. Looks great on jackets, book bags, and sweaters!

$3.00 (special shipping - $1.00)

FOGE-011 - The entire universe . . . right at your fingertips! Based on the best-selling RedShift? astronomy program, Compton?s Learning? Astronomy delves deeper into space than ever before! Simple enough for the novice, yet sophisticated enough for an accomplished stargazer, Astronomy delivers more than 60 expert tours enhanced with thousands of graphics and photos. Visit distant galaxies, ride spectacular comets, and explore mysterious planets. You?re at the heart of cosmic action with the ultimate desktop planetarium! Explore the universe at your own pace with engaging interactive tutorials and customizable controls. System Requirements - Pentium 100 or higher processor . Microsoft Windows 95 or later . 16 MB RAM . 4x CD-ROM drive . 256-color, 640 x 480 resolution video card and monitor (64,000 16-bit color recommended). Mouse and sound card plus speakers or headphones. 28.8K modem for Internet connection.


FOGE-011 - COSMOS 3D An exciting 3D multimedia journey through the universe! Did you always want to understand the structure of our solar system? What are galactic clusters, and who can explain the Milky Way to me? This CD with excellent 3D animations, outstanding graphics and easy-to-grasp texts answers virtually all your questions on the universe. Discover its origins and learn about the probability of extraterrestrial life. For enthusiasts of astronomy, there is a star navigator, which presents the sky as it appears through the seasons to you on the screen of your PC. The advanced search facilities and the logical, user-friendly program structure make Cosmos 3D a source of knowledge to be recommended to everyone. Explore the secrets of the universe with brilliant 3D animations. Print and copy high resolution graphics for use at home or in school.


FOGE-009 - The famous Galaxy Explorers Lapel pin. Tell the world that you support the Federation! This handsome pin is sure to add any shirt, suit, blouse, or jacket.

$2.95 (special shipping - $1.00)