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First Day of Space Camp Is A "Blast Off"

The world witnessed the dawn of a new group of students at F.O.G.E. space camp located at Liberty Middle School in Clifton, Virginia. We learned many interesting things about space, so that we will be able to create Moon Base I.

We split up into four groups, and we became the Space Monkeys. Then we went outside and did a “tangly Wangly thing” called the Pretzel. After that we watched a video of President Bush promoting the space program. We played an interesting moon landing game. Logan did the best out of our group. We figured what we needed when stranded on the moon. After that two patch designers came and showed us different patches from the space program. Then we designed and drew our own patches for our group. After lunch we made a radio commercial to sell moon rocks to fund the moon base program. We were given a theme, which was Star Wars. “Space Camp was super doper!”


Rachel, Jen, Jenny, Tessa, Divya, Danielle
Federation of Galaxy Explorers
Mission Team One

A Day At Space Camp

Clifton, VA
July 26, 2004

At Liberty Middle School on Monday July 26th, we started the day off by making space patches with Phil and Dave. Then we watched a space movie. Then we learned about different kinds of media and put that to use by creating a radio commercial.


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Moon Base 1 Takes Flight

Clifton, VA
July 26, 2004

Today President Bush gave the Federation of Galaxy Explorers (FOGE) a mission to design a moon base. FOGE is a group of intelligent kids learning about space so they can build a new moon base. FOGE is divided into teams and each of these teams do activities such as making elaborate team patches, media discussions, and radio commercials.

During the first day, we designed patches with different symbols and colors to make our patches. Later, we made a radio broadcast about selling moon rocks, but we had to do it while pretending to be people in a movie (i.e. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings).

We are on a mission to build a moon base and the activities we did are preparing us for it.

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Moon Base 1 Takes Off With Fun Activities

Clifton, VA
July 26, 2004

New light was lit today in dozens of children’s’ soon to be brilliant minds. At Liberty Middle School, these children started on their mission to design a moon base known as the Moon Base 1 Mission, designed by a Federation of Galaxy Explorers summer camp. Completion of this mission could revolutionize the way people live. To do this, the camp did many fun projects and activities. Today, Monday, is just the first day out of a very long week that the campers will plan and design a moon base for the mission.

To start off the day, the campers split into groups to work. Their activity was a space video. The video they watched explained what the whole purpose of the camp was. The video included a speech by the President.

The next thing they did was list the importance of 15 items to travel 100 miles on the moon. After that, each group designed their own creative mission patches, they combined their own individual ideas to make it. Then they took a little lunch break.

After lunch, each group created a radio commercial for moon rocks. The Lunartics group made a commercial with the theme of “Lord of the Rings.” They rehearsed and recorded it and later played it out loud.

This camp has a mission to design a moon base. They will do more this week to help. For additional information, contact Rithvik.



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The Creation of the Flaming Comets

Clifton, VA
Fairfax County
July 26, 2004

The Flaming Comets began their Moon Base Mission at Liberty Middle School. Team 4 developed their name, "The Flaming Comets," designed a mission patch, and advertised to sell moon rocks.

Firstly, the team brainstormed about jobs needed to develop a successful moon base. They also discussed and ranked, in order of importance, items found in a space ship after crash landing.

Secondly, the team designed a mission patch; the rocket is a number one to represent the number of our moon base. It also has a moon with an American flag representing our landing place and our country, It also contains a comet as the team decided to call themselves "The Flaming Comets." We chose the colors red and blue. Red because it symbolizes survival, courage, and stability. Blue because it represents wisdom, confidence, truth and freedom.

We then collaborated to make commercials to sell moon rocks to fund our mission. We chose two themes, "Finding Nemo," and "Toy Story." It was very difficult to be creative and have self control from laughing.

We have also discussed media in its different forms and how it is part of our everyday life.

Team members quoted about the day, "Radio activity very difficult" (Liz), "It is now more comfortable and it feels like we are more of a team" (Shannon), "It was hard to not laugh" (Ryan), and "Day was challenging but overall I had a fun time" (Shreya).

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The 1st day of F.O.G.E at Liberty middle school for group three was very intense and exciting! First we observed a video of the President talking about expanding space exploration so we can create the first moon base. Next we met our peers in Group 3. After that we individually made a list of the top 15 most important items needed to survive in space and then made the same list as a team. The next activity we did was make a team patch with woody the woodpecker and finally we ate lunch. After lunch we made a radio commercial about Shrek selling moon rocks and after the commercial we enjoyed a discussion about the media. That was the first exciting day of F.O.G.E for group 3!!