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About Us

Welcome to the coolest idea since the 20th century!  

The Federation of Galaxy Explorers was incorporated in the state of Maryland as a 501(c)3 non profit organization.  The organization seeks to inspire and educate kids in space related science and engineering.  Galaxy Explorers was created to  prepare children for the future; a future that advances a space faring civilization.  

Kids in Galaxy Explorers attend after-school (or evening) monthly "Mission Team" meetings and periodic field trips.   Adult volunteers teach Galaxy Explorers with easy to understand and fun-to-do educational material to provide a hands-on understanding of space science, earth science, engineering, and rocketry.  Another primary theme - Space Citizenship - teaches the role of government, the power of citizens in a democracy, the promise of space expressed in art, writing, history, and business.  Mission Team members wear uniform shirts and are rewarded for participation and achievements with ribbons, patches, medals, and certificates. Awards are an integral part of the program providing children self-esteem through achievement and recognition.

The Federation of Galaxy Explorers began in 2002 with a pilot program in Rock Creek International School in Washington, DC, and Prince William County schools in Virginia.  In summer 2002, Galaxy Explorers hosted a summer camp with Prince William County schools.  In 2003, we hosted 500 kids in 5 summer  camps and nearly 400 kids in after school programs.  We continue to grow.

Educate our kids - The Galaxy Explorers will prepare children for employment in the 21st century.

Galvanize support for space - Over time, Galaxy Explorers kids will grow to create a long term citizen activist force in society; shaping the national space policy, and furthering the science and engineering required to create a space faring civilization.

Economical - The concept of Galaxy Explorers is an extremely inexpensive means of educating the future generations by drawing on the volunteer spirit of America.  The program provides a critical support infrastructure to motivate and educate children outside of the classroom. This infrastructure is particularly important given America's lack of classroom resources, science and math teachers, and modern day peer pressure.

The Way Forward
In 2003/2004, our strategic plan will expand the program to additional states, Texas, Florida, California, and Pennsylvania.  The Federation of Galaxy Explorers expects to have a program of several hundred thousand children in the coming years.  To accomplish a nationwide expansion, Galaxy Explorers has established collaborative working relationships with the National Space Society, American Astronautical Society, National Association of Rocketry, Astronomical League, U.S. Air Force, NASA, National Reconnaissance Office, and many others.  In addition, the effort is strongly supported by Congressional Members and staff.

This web site is intended to provide basic information on the Federation of Galaxy Explorers  organization and its plans.  Our future web site will be an on-line home for members and will include the following:

Communication between members
Ask the expert response
Educational program including lesson plans and support materials
Administrative and logistical support
Current news and events
Links to kids educational sites and partnership organizations

We hope that you will enjoy exploring our web site and become a member of the Federation's team.  It costs nothing to join and a small investment of your time will have a great impact on the future of humanity.  

Art work courtesy of Phil Smith